Global Green and Grandeur 6 & 7 at Shadnagar

Grandeur and Gobal Green is all about good and comfort living.  
Located in the near vicinity to Shamshabad airport, Shadnagar 6 fetches a huge benefit of best returns for investment. Surrounded by mega townships and huge housing projects like DLF, My Home, AP Housing Board etc., Shadnagar 6 project makes an ideal living space, with best-of-the-best amenities too. 

100% vaasthu compliance, flexible housing options, bank loan facility, incredible features and benefits are the other add-ons for Shadnagar 6, which make living a happy and joyful affair.

Owning a prime piece of land in the prized Shadnagar area in itself is quite an idea. In a very short span of time, the land value in the Shadnagar area is due to go up, and the value of your investments is going to quadruple, at the very least. For more details on the planned developments in the Shadnagar area, please Contact us.